$150K/Year And Still In Debt?

I came across an interesting interview with Dave Ramsey and the caller stated they were in massive debt of over $90,000.

Dave asked how much do you make in a year. Off just one source of income from the husband he pulls in $150,000 a year. Dave was just flabbergasted as to how this was possible and so much you.

The caller stated it was mostly just due to stupid spending and vehicles that they probably didn’t need even though they had a relatively average mortgage of $1750/month.

They were pretty much spending $200,000 a year which is way in excess of what they were making.

Most of us may not be able to relate to this but if you look at as a ratio, some do overspend much more than necessary.  If you are making $50,000 don’t be spending like you make $60,000.  Or if you are making $500,000 don’t be spending $600,000.

It’s very simple math.  Realistically you should really only be spending and living off of 70-80% of what you actually make.   Less if you can.

Our multi-millionaire success coach lives off of less than 10% of what they make.   How is this possible?  They simply don’t need it!   They don’t need the extra large house (they live in a 2500sqft average home), they don’t need expensive cars and clothes and eat out consistently.


Instead, they donate their money directly to children, abused women and third world countries who need fresh water.   They use their money to run all expenses of their organization, so 100% of all donations made by the public can go directly to support those in need.


They weren’t always like this and greed has taught them to move forward with their life.   They were in Multi-Level Marketing and there are a lot of Network and Internet Marketers making it big now.  But are they blowing it all?

It is said that thinking that the money will be there forever is a poverty mindset.

Being more conservative with the money goes a long way.   It will allow itself to grow for you.  Make it work for you rather than chasing it.

I’m not saying not to enjoy and have fun, but sometimes it must be a give and take.   If you enjoy going on vacations, if we can we meal plan so we don’t have to eat out every day, unless it’s an all inclusive of course.


We don’t eat out much and only for special occasions.  There is too much sodium and unknown oils eating out.   It’s healthier and saves you more money eating at home especially with a large family.

Don’t buy new and expensive vehicles knowing they depreciate very quickly, it’s just a waste of money for that little enjoyment.   There are many nice reliable fun cars instead.

It’s not always about status, who cares?

As for our home we purposefully sought out a larger place only to rent out the basement.  We treat it as an investment property with rental income.

Most will treat their home as their own personal luxurious space.  Which is fine, but living in all that luxury for yourself now, we find just burns up more cash that you could have been making and saving.

Weight your ego with your bank account and see which one weighs more.




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