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By doing so:
  1. You’ll discover the reasons why you’re in debt
  2. You’ll learn who really is in control of it all
  3. You’ll understand what has been hindering you from getting ahead
  4. You’ll recognize the two types of people who spend despite what you’ve been told
  5. You’ll learn the 5 things that have impacted your choices the most, without realizing the effect of these
  6. You’ll discern who it is that can really help you…and it’s not who you think
  7. You’ll get 12 effective HOT TIPS to save your cash and cut your debt
  8. You’ll have a means to learn how to attack your debt right away
  9. And much more…!
You’re looking at your finances.  You see money is tight.  Maybe even tighter this month than before.  And why?  Why are you in this pit, and getting yourself deeper in it?  And how, you wonder, are you going to get yourself out of it?  I’m sure you’ve tried different things that you’ve heard of, or seen from a friend or talked to someone like a financial advisor or a credit counsellor, or considering doing these things…  but it’s all so confusing and you really don’t know where to start!
My name is Rodney and I’ve been learning and studying money management since I can ever remember growing up in my parents’ house.  Fortunately for me, they’ve equipped me with sensible money spending skills.  Over the last little while, I recognize all the hardship and even suffering that the deadly debt beast has overtaken in many people’s lives.  You’ve seen things in the news and hear so much of how things are falling apart everywhere.
In this report I’m going to bare it all, by sharing my own experiences and giving you inside information that you may never heard of, until now!  After reading this report (and taking advantage of the additional resources I’m going to give you), you’ll have absolutely no excuse to get out of debt and start saving right away, or save even more if you have no debt.
So let’s get busy…


Startling Statistics
The things that are happening this day and age, it is startling and troubling.  Just look at these statistics on these countries alone:
As of October 2013, the US total household debt is $13.1 trillion, Federal Reserve Statistical Release.
At the end of 2013, Canada’s figure is $1.3 trillion, Huffington Post.
As of November 2013, the UK is at £1.43 trillion, BBC News.
At the end of 2013, Australia is at $1.84 trillion, Australian Social Trends, 2014.
When you break it down, for instance, the average US household has just over $15,000 in credit card debt alone (NerdWallet.com).  Or for Canadians, it means owing $1.63 for every $1 in disposable income earned in a year (HuffingtonPost.ca).  Wow.
So what do these figures really mean, and what does it mean for you and me?
I will be very candid with you.  It’s very plain and simple…overall, this just shows how gluttonous we have all become, meaning over-consuming and over-indulging in eating and drinking…and we can extend this definition to just over-consuming of anything, as the statistics show.  You may not like what I’m about to say…but it also shows we have a total lack of self-control!  Yes, that’s right.  Not knowing when to STOP charging everything onto our credit cards, when to STOP buying more and bigger things because we just want it now.  And why?  Because my friend…we have been brainwashed.  Zombie-fied.  Doing things on auto-pilot because we’re so used to it, without thinking.  We are doing the zombie walk!
According to Dave Ramsey, “Debt is so ingrained into our culture that most Americans can’t even envision a car without a payment… a house without a mortgage… a student without a loan… and credit without a card.  We’ve been sold debt with such repetition and with such fervor that most folks can’t conceive of what it would be like to have NO payments.”
Do you hear what I’m saying friend?  It’s time to WAKE UP.  And not just smell the coffee, but FORGET about the coffee (this is HOT TIP #1!  Especially if you love Starbucks or have other daily buying habits).  FORGET about those habits that have led us down a spending spiral into this deep, dirty pit that we are trying to get ourselves out of.  SO WAKE UP and STOP.
I bet you didn’t think you would be getting a wake-up call from reading this special report.  Or, are you, really, really hearing me?  This may be the first time you’re hearing something like this.  SO, if you don’t see it now, by the time we are through you will know exactly what you need to do.  I am here to help you.


I Finally Woke Up
Have you ever noticed how people are in public places?  I’ve walked through the shopping centres to stretch out my legs (not to shop), and I watch a sea of people, the masses, dressed up and suave but there are some with emptiness in their eyes and a deep dwelling down inside where they feel trapped as they move along with the crowd.  And sometimes they don’t even realize it.
Friend, I have been there.  I didn’t even know that I was in that zombie state when I was single and then being in another zombie state as a parent.   So after several years of having fun, making some poor spending choices and living a robotic routine, I got MY wake up call.  It was the roughest and toughest of times especially affecting my marriage and family, and I certainly am not proud of it.
But don’t wait as long as me to realize and do something about it.  I want to save you future headaches and years of living under a cloud, and unnecessary stress.  Thankfully, the troubled times brings out the best of times.  I became teachable and open and with what I’ve been learning specifically, it has helped me improve my own situation and take full control of it.  And YOU can do it too.  Just like the thousands of others who’ve reached out for help and have gotten themselves out of the sinking pit.  I want to get you out of it before it gets much deeper for you.


Let’s Take A Quick Dive Into The Top 5 Things That Are Keeping You Asleep
There’s No Place Like Home
Fortunately my parents enforced the “don’t spend what you don’t have” mentality from early on, so I listened (for the most part, I thought!  But I allowed things to get the better of me).  I did work my way to be able to pay for my first (used) car in cash (HOT TIP #2pay it in cash to avoid interest!).  Depending on what your childhood was like growing up, either you came from a ‘have-not’ upbringing or ‘have-it-all’.  Considering the conditions of our society with approximately 80% of us falling within the working class and middle class, most of us came from a ‘have-not’ household where our parents tended to be frugal.  The outcome of this leads us down to either of two routes in our adult life: 1) maintain similar frugalness, or 2) spend as we like making up for our varying sense of lack in life.
You probably heard “we can’t afford to” or “we don’t have the money” while you were growing up.  And if you are a parent now, you are more than likely also saying that to your own kids now.  These words and the like have had a huge effect on your mentality and have grown on you over the years, without truly being aware of it.  So with the current societal culture of our generation and our kids’ generation, we have become the over-consuming culture that our nations’ household debt statistics blatantly show.
It’s Fun Being Social
Friends, colleagues, acquaintances…now has amassed to your ‘friends of friends’ on FB and other social mediums…as the old saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”.  Do you dress similar to your friends; enjoy similar foods, activities, hobbies, and other entertainment?  Then you are likely spending the way they spend…and for the most part this means y’all are paying more for ‘stuff’ than are saving.
Do you know anyone who thinks beyond the status quo and making a living of what really matters to them?  Only a very small percentage are financially independent, and who you hang out with also affects your mindset…stew on this one a bit!  HOT TIP #3:  Unless you are one of the few who is hanging out with self-made millionaires still with tons of cash in the bank, you might want to make new friends that will expand your mind.  I know just the place where you can do this…and you will become debt free with the right kind of people surrounding and supporting you!
Monster Mass Media
Ok…this one really is a no brainer.  Or is it?  Are you spending the average 4 hours per day watching TV like most Americans do, according to AC Nielsen?  This doesn’t include the increasing time spent on digital devices which adds another 5 hours per day.  So what does this mean?  This is great for TV programmers of course and online media.  It means we are receiving messages, all the time.  Just see what kind of content you or your kids are watching, hearing, and regurgitating.  The messages for trends and ‘buy, buy, gotta have, gotta have’ for these things are endless.  And all this, my friend, is done for a reason.  Can you guess why?
“Big Brother”
The government and other organizations have a significant stronghold on spending habits because of the policies they enforce on a grander scale.  If it weren’t for how TV or Radio is allowed to operate, we wouldn’t be seeing and hearing the numerous commercials with the messages to buy something.  (HOT TIP #4:  Have you ever considered cancelling your cable?  This alone has saved me thousands of dollars!  Do you have what it takes to do this, or are you hooked on it?)  This brings us to the last point…
Y-O-U Leads To I-O-U
Despite all these outside influences in your world, there is one thing that you have full control of.  You.  We may be bombarded with everything and anything that is going on in our lives, at home, at work, with our kids, and with our friends and activities, you essentially can make the choice on what you do with your time and money.
No one is forcing you at any point in time to purchase something at gunpoint.  Feeling peer pressure to buy or “keep up with the Jones’”?  So how about the pressure of the amount of bills that are piling up week after week?  How about that long-awaited vacation you’ve been dying to go on but keep putting off because it seems to get more and more expensive just to do it?  Which kind of pressure do you think is more stressful and crippling, peer pressure or the debt beast trapped on your back?  HOT TIP #5:  STOP making those unnecessary purchases because if you can’t tell by now, it has ALL been added up on your credit cards, loans, and mortgage payments!  Perhaps you shop or gorge out to make yourself feel better despite getting yourself deeper into debt.  This must stop if you don’t want to live under the burden of debt any longer.

There Is A Way Out
Do you believe it, really?  I’m here to tell you YES.  There is.  Like the thousands before you, there is a way out.  It depends how slowly or quickly you want it.  Do you want to get out as soon as possible, or, it doesn’t matter if it takes you another 20 years…?  That’s up to you.  I encourage and challenge you, to get out sooner than later, so that you can live your life in freedom without debt!  What dreams have you put off because “you don’t have the money”?  That’s why you’re here, to do something about it right?
Imagine, just for a minute, how it would feel to be debt freezero payments.  Breathe it in…like fresh air on a summer’s day…you’re soaking in the warmth, not a single worry on your mind but to just relax and be at peace.  Breathe in, exhale softly…  Can you feel that?  Stay there for a moment, and smile big.  Yes, SMILE BIG because you are awakened and alive!  (HOT TIP #6:  Start envisioning yourself being debt-free, then take the action steps needed, as I’m showing you in this report!)  Imagine if this is how it can be, living debt free, for as long as you live?  Don’t prolong freedom…you owe it to yourself, and your family.


Who Is Helping You?
Will a credit counselor or financial advisor truly help you get out of debt and save wisely for your future?  Do they have your best interests in place?  The longer you are with them, are you not benefitting them more?  Consider the fees, i.e. setup fees, monthly fees, debt management fees… and more.  Even the non-profit organizations have fees, although usually lower, but the service typically extends to what you pay for.  Will they support you unconditionally as long as you need and steer you in the right place?  Most importantly, do they have the results to prove that they’ve helped others become completely debt free?  Would it be WISE to follow those who have the proven results?
I’m not claiming to be THE expert.  As a matter of fact, there are many resources out there, and in my opinion just TOO many.  It gets confusing, overwhelming, and it’ll stop you in your tracks from taking any real actionI’m the one who has been studying the best experts and putting it all together for you, simplifying it and making it accessible in one place, and direct you, and rest assured you will receive only the cream of the crop from me.
I’m not here to waste your time, or mine.  I’m here to serve those who truly need a helping hand and show you a concrete way out because there are too many hurting people not knowing how.


Cut Out Debt And Save Faster With These Simple, Tried And True, Cash Saving Tips.  (Did You Miss The Ones Above?)
With rising costs why pay more to the utilities companies who are STEALING your money!   Are you wearing short sleeves inside while it’s freezing cold outside?  That’s a high price for comfort while the banks are enjoying their cut of your paycheque on any loans you may have.
HOT TIP #7:  Move that thermostat to 19°C / 66°F and wear more clothing in the winter and use more blankets in bed.  Adjust to 24°C / 75°F for the hotter season.  Avoid the A/C running all the time and use a fan and keep those cool lemonade drinks handy.
ADVANCED HOT TIP: For summer months, sleep on the lowest level of your home if you live in a 2-storey dwelling!  Have everyone on an air mattress or sleeping bags with the windows open and use the fan.  If you have kids, make it adventurous like camping!
How many vehicles do you have and how many drivers in the home?  Gas prices continue to rise that we have no control over.
HOT TIP #8:  Sell off any vehicles you don’t need and put the money towards paying down credit cards and loans.  You will also save on the insurance and all the maintenance costs of running an extra vehicle.
ADVANCED HOT Triple TIP:  Live close enough to bus or bike to work instead of driving?  Do it, especially if you can bike, you will also be getting fit!  Put your car insurance on hold for a few months and take the bus, train, or bike route during the warm seasons.  This will save you half the costs for using your vehicle.  If you work close to home, you may qualify for reduced insurance premiums with low mileage…talk to your rep!
Watch where your money is going on a daily basis.  Are you buying food on the way to work, during lunch, after work, or all of the above?  Stopping by at convenience stores for the munchies?  Making more than one grocery run per week?  If so, you are easily wasting time and gas, and there goes your hard-earned money, for every stop you make.  See how much this adds up every week.
HOT TIP #9:  Plan your meals and pack a lunch and snacks to get out of this habit.  Cut down to eating out a few times a week to once or twice a week, or even none!  Choose to eat out only once a month to really kill off the extra spending.  You will see how much you will SAVE in just one month.  Realize food is the 3rd highest monthly expenditure after housing and transportation costs for most people and it can very easily add up because of a lack of planning.  (I’ve been able to cut my grocery bills in half, with this one tip!)
ADVANCED HOT Double TIP:  For those who thrive on challenge…eat everything out of your pantry, fridge, and freezer before you set foot to the grocery store.  Get creative with only these ingredients and make it fun.  Want to earn $300?  Sell off that deep freezer!
Are you a shopper?  Dropping by the mall or shops and buying things on the spot that you truly don’t need?  Another blue shirt?  Another pair of black shoes?  Stop this habit in the tracks!
HOT TIP #10:  Give yourself 30 days before you buy it, even if it’s on ‘sale’, and if you still remember it and want it after 30 days…then give yourself that freedom.  Most likely you will forget about it the next day or even within the hour, once you leave that store.
ADVANCED HOT TIP:  Unsubscribe from ALL shopping magazines and coupon sites where they are advertising to brainwash you to spend your money on things you’ve never thought you ‘needed’ until now.  All sales ads are a form of advertising that will end up with you buying more than just the sale item but other things as well.
Love to work out?  Taking a few different classes a week?  How many health clubs or gym memberships do you belong to and actually use?  Are you working out daily?  Recent studies have shown that 5-6 days of hour-long high cardio exercises may cause an increase in aging and minimal in weight loss compared to interval style workouts.  An intense bout of exercise with resistance training is more effective for weight loss and takes only mere minutes.  So not only are you spending hours and hours of your time but you may not even be exercising for your physical benefit.
HOT TIP #11: Cancel that expensive health club/gym membership and find a low-fee one without all the jazz.
ADVANCED HOT Double TIPDo without ANY gym fees and exercise the old school way.  (Unless you are an athlete, a membership is unnecessary if you want to cut out debt faster and save up some dough).  Push-ups, burpees, skipping rope, jumping jacks…free and healthy for the heart!  Go outside and do it in the fresh air.  (You can easily save several hundred here, or even thousands especially if you have a ‘family package’!)  Here is the workout recipe to trimming down effectively plus it’ll save you tons of time:  30 seconds of bodyweight squats, 30 seconds of push ups, 30 seconds jumping jacks.  Repeat 4 times.  You are done in 6 minutes!  Now, how SIMPLE is this?
These strategies are just the beginning to saving you money.  If you start with 2-3 of these tips, you will easily save $300-500 a month, right away!  Can you imagine implementing all of them?  There are so, so many more to share with you, as I’ve barely scratched the surface.
HOTTEST TIP #12With the right knowledge and using a simple system to follow, you will be more equipped to make the wise choices from now on.  Now you can learn how this is done strategically yet very simply…read on!

So What IS The Best Out There?
My friend, there are only a small number of financial experts in the market today that I truly trust.  I have a very specific method of weeding out the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’ and do this with everything I come across before I share valuable information to my loyal subscribers.
You may want to spend the time analysing everything you come across, but, do you have the time?  Spending this time will prolong and delay where you want to get to in life!  It’s time to take some real action.
In my humble experience, what I have for you next is a simple and very effective system to eliminate your debt and save more.  This program comes from my trusted mentor who has a simple, proven system to annihilate your debt.  She is an internationally-known and highly sought-after success coach who has helped thousands upon thousands to succeed in life, and has helped them cut millions in debt and grow in savings.  Yes, unbelievable as it may sound, but it is the quickest, most effective way from my own experience.  Take it from me, and the countless others who have the results, as you will soon learn.  This program has immensely helped my family and me and we are no longer turning back to our old ways.  Are you READY for a NEW WAY?  Go to Option 3 below!


What’s My Next Step?
Your next step depends on what your current situation is.
Take a quick look at the 3 options below and decide for yourself.  One (or more) of them is sure to give you exactly what you’re looking for.
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I offer a Free Consumer Tips Teleconference every 3-4 weeks.  Since my busy schedule simply doesn’t allow me to respond to emails personally all the time, this is the best way for me to make sure you get the help you need.
When you register for this no-charge service, you’ll be given the opportunity to ask me your specific questions and let me know how I can best help you.  I’ll then review your questions, which will allow me to address your specific concerns on the ‘live’ webinar.
There’s a limited number of spots available for each teleconference and seats fill up quickly, so you’ll need to register right away.  Go Here to find all the details including dates and times for the next webinar.
OPTION #3: I Need To Get Additional Help Right Now!

For many of my visitors and subscribers, time is of the essence.  If you’re in this situation and want to take action sooner, as promised, you can learn how to annihilate your debt and start saving for your future with this Tested and Proven System that has helped thousands of people, which has a 100% money back guarantee from my most trusted and favourite success mentor.  The special discounted price you’ll get for this program is a small investment that will save you an average of $400 per month, month after month…!  Yes…this is no lie for thousands of others who’ve used this and gotten results by eliminating their debt and increasing their savings.  You will absorb the information so easily with the videos and audios.  My family and I use this program to this day to keep us on track!  It’s time to make it happen.  You owe it to yourself to live the better life! 
You’ll find out why everyone is talking about the best debt annihilation program when you Go Here.

I trust that this free report has helped you immensely.  If it has, please tell your family and friends about it so they can start their life and live debt free…!
I look forward to helping you.
To Your Success,
Rodney Poon
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