Be Faithful With The Little!


Be Faithful With the Little!

As you are on this journey to eliminate debt, it takes a lot of perseverance and persistence.  You are on the right path, to chip at it bit by bit.  It may be hard sometimes because either it seems like you’re not bringing enough in to pay off debt (living paycheck to paycheck), or spending more than you’re making.

So what do you tackle?  First and foremost, I’m exposing a tried and tested principle that most may have not heard of before.  Let’s start here.  Let’s say you’re sitting in your bedroom.  What’s in front of you?  What is in the room?  Do you see disorganization?  Piles of things, stuff scattered all over?  What’s in your living room, and kitchen?  Lots of knick knacks and shelves full of more things?  Are they being put to use?  Is any of it useful, or collecting dust?  Perhaps weekly or monthly you’re just wiping the dust off (is it being cleaned at all?)…are you procrastinating in getting it tidied up?

Diligence pays

If we are diligent with what we have, then we will be given much more.  This comes from the greatest success book, the Bible.  This isn’t about religion.  Don’t let the source bother you if it does.  But understand that there are laws like gravity, that if we aren’t aware of, we will not know to use it in our favor.  We can’t expect to jump up in the air and not land.  You want to land knowing you will have your feet hit the ground vs. your head.  So tackling debt, and in any part of life, means we need to be faithful with the little things.  If you squander your money all over you will likely end up chasing it in the end as you haven’t been responsible with it in the first place.

Here’s something most people want for example, a brand new car.  Maybe it’s a fancy sports car.  Right now you have a used or maybe a leased vehicle or a family vehicle to drive the kids around.  Let’s take a look at the condition of it.  Is it dirty?  Stuff lying around all over, food, garbage, papers, toys, stains, hair, and dust everywhere?  Not something you’d drive in to take the Queen of England around!  The point is, if you cannot or are not managing what you have well, all the while wanting and desiring something else, something more, how will you manage the something more?  But wait, you say “Oh no, if I had that new sports car, then I’ll take care of it like a showroom car!  Not the piece of crap I have..!”  Really?  But, the “piece of crap” IS what YOU have now.  And you’re not even taking care of that and it becomes how you think of it and treat it.   Would you give your 3-year old child a new puppy for him to take care of himself?  Certainly not, as your young child has not yet learned to first take care of himself, let alone be the puppy’s new caregiver and house trainer.

Simple life lesson

Be faithful with the little.  Manage what’s in front of you well.  To get out of debt, be good with what you have.  It’s simple, and you CAN do it!  Don’t grocery shop or eat out when your fridge is full of food and so is the pantry and the freezer.  This is spending extra when you already have plenty right in front of you.  Don’t turn up that thermostat when it just starts getting cold and you’re only wearing shorts inside.  Put on a sweater instead.  Clean up that mess at home, at work, and in the car.  Get rid of stuff you don’t need, give it away or sell it off and make a few extra bucks with it!  This is a simple life lesson, not just debt elimination.  Be thankful and good with what you have, including your spouse, kids, your home, your neighbors and anyone around you.  Then you will see the more that will come when you are responsible and diligent.


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