How Tyson Zahner Changed My Life!


So for starters I didn’t really have too much of a tough life.  But since I hit 40, I have been wondering whether there is more to life and what have I done to impact the world as well as leave something memorable for my family.

I really didn’t want my kids getting stuck in the conditioning that we have all been programmed to do; to go to school and get good grades and get a good job to pay for a car, a mortgage, vacations and so on.

I’ve seen what kind of lifestyles can be made if you put some thought and strategy into it.  So I started my online journey and started my own website and blog, but the biggest problem was learning how to market myself and generate traffic.

After doing a lot of research online I found a great mentor, Tyson Zahner.  He puts out a ton of training content, a ton of value and he just has a lot of integrity! I’ve learned a lot from him for the past year and he’s helped so many people build their businesses. Recently, he started a new project with a network marketing company.

I haven’t personally been in a network marketing business myself because I’ve seen how hard it can be to build one and seen how some have struggled, and all the while some have also succeeded tremendously. I’ve never had my sights to join one and told myself it simply isn’t for me. Although I’ve learned the skills for internet marketing, branding, and have gotten results, I didn’t have the ambition to build anything with any network marketing company. Even though I knew it is actually a very effective way to build yourself a life of time and financial freedom, I didn’t think it would work for me.

But knowing Tyson and the way he knows how to help and train people, especially since he was a school teacher previously, his strategies and systems that he’s put in place for this project already has the equation that will only lead to another unbeatable success story for others to be inspired and driven to a new level of ambition for a lifestyle that so many desire but don’t know how to achieve. My ambition was quickly renewed!

For me, teaming up with him was clearly a no brainer for so many reasons, as he simplifies the whole process providing tons of support and amazing training.  Being in the network marketing industry has just become much easier and enjoyable, especially representing a product you know that will create something very special for each person.

I understand this may not be for you at all, as it isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally cool!  I just had to share what a great product this is that has created so many awesome memories for so many people, and it’s the memories that stay with you and count the most when you look back in life, isn’t it?

Start creating your memories and hear it from Tyson himself, click on the button now!


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Our little family of 5 have been able to significantly change our lives with our experiences with these programs we are using and we would like to share with the world these amazing value added products!

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