“The wealthy are frugal. They see money as a tool and they focus on and pass down wealth to the next generation and so forth is taught, instead of being in the rat race and running on the hamster wheel of keeping up with the Jonses.”

We know of several methods to increase income.

1) Live below your means, stay frugal, pay off your debts, invest your money and let it grow for you.

2) Do amazingly well at your current job and get a promotion.

3) Start your own business or side business at least to start.

4) Invest in your properties and other properties.

Depending on which you choose which suits your life and personality is entirely up to you.   We are rather extreme and like to take massive action to make a major significant change.  But baby steps is good as well.

We have had a lot of tips for number 1 so far and we continue to do this.

Doing well at your current job is very necessary as well because you must prosper where you are planted and be faithful with the little things.  You may or may not enjoy your job but you should always try and find satisfaction with where you are at and FOCUS on that.  A world of new ideas and motivation will come out of that!   We also have a very good program that help us and will help you with this.

As for starting your own business there are many different options.   As far as we are concerned, we concentrate on business that have lots of leverage of your time and money.   Moving ahead, the traditional businesses (franchise, stores and anything that requires inventory) doesn’t seem to make much sense any more.

We are involved with a Multi-Level Marketing company as well as Internet Marketing.   You may ask as do many, is MLM and making money online a scam or some get rich quick/pyramid scheme?

Not if you find the right ones and associate yourself with the right people.   We are in very honourable and amazing MLM company and use their products as it completes our lives.  We are also in an amazing Internet Marketing company that helps people increase their income and really generates an amazing passive monies that has lead to many retiring from their work and many at a very young age as well.

We are definitely here to help guide you, support you and give you absolute love to help you succeed!   Please contact us to help you decide on which approach would be best fit for you.   It can definitely be overwhelming at first and you will ask yourself “will this work for me?”.   It most definitely will with the right guidance, support and love.   Many grade school teachers, broke musicians and welfare recipients have done this and turned their life around.  If they can, what can you do?  Determination and perseverance will get you there!

We don’t promote our MLM company directly as we would like to discuss with you which would be the best option for you.

The tab next to this one, is our Internet Marketing company.   We will know if you sign up and contact you via email once you have time to look at the free video presentation.

The other tab is a Free Marketing Boot Camp training for either beginner or existing MLM Entrepreneurs.

We will later also blog on investing in your property and other properties as well.

We hope you enjoy this free valuable information as that is a joy for us to provide to you to help you along your way.

Remember we are here to help you in any way we can!

Peace and Love,


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