The World of Internet Marketing

“The quickest way out of debt and to build massive wealth is to use unique strategies to save money as well as increase income exponentially. Do you have your game on?” – Debt Annihilation

I hope you guys are using all the tips we have been giving you and putting them to good use.  Implementation is definitely the key.

But also to really help you more, increasing income is a sure way to annihilate debt.  Just be aware to stay responsible when making more money.

The world of Internet Marketing can be a grey and dark place.  Too many get rich quick schemes and scams with very cheesy Ads.

But if you follow the right crowd is is a very lucrative and fun environment to be in.


Unless you prefer living your comfortable life, in your comfortable job for the next 20+yrs because you think you are safe?

There’s actually no such thing as security.   Companies downsize or even shutdown.

You must remain valuable to your company, yourself and learn new skills.  Especially when it can be definitely worth your while and enjoyable!

Even if you enjoy your current job, that’s great.  But just be sure you are keeping yourself up to date.  And even a back up plan.

Even investing a couple of hours a day learning some new skills that will eventually surpass the salary that you are making now, do you think that would be worth it?


You may have excuses of you have no time, but think about what you could actually do if you learned how to make more money than you currently do.

You can gain back more valuable time by listening to the programs we recommended here (ask us if you’re not sure) as I have stopped listening to music on my daily commutes to work.

Cut out some more leisure time that isn’t investing in your time to learn how to make more money.   I have cut out leisure Facebook time and watched no TV and fewer movies, I even cancelled NetFlix.  Just learn to FOCUS your time to not get distracted.

Excuses are just well planned lies you are telling to yourself to stop you from doing what you really want to do!

Self Made Millionaires

I don’t know many self made millionaires in my personal group of contacts, well until recently and they are doing it right.   I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not I am.  But I’m not working a salary job hoping that someday, something is going to change.

I’m making the change.  You can’t rely on the lottery.  That’s a poverty mindset.  If you don’t believe what I’m doing will work for you, then think again, because some of the people I’m following were “Grade 2/Music” teachers, broke musicians living in the basement of a bar, drug addicts about to commit suicide.

Where are they now?  Multi 6 and 7 figure earners.

Do you think you will see that in your lifetime?  Not if you don’t try and find out.  Also working from home is amazing and learning this new material is a blast!

I am here to help you every step of the way as well as help you bypass all of the struggles I had to learn on the way.  Give you the mistakes I made, so you won’t have to make them.

My mentor and leader Tyson Zahner displays this in his amazing website where he guides and shows you all the tools you need to be successful in Internet Marketing.

First you can learn the 3 simple steps to marketing a product or opportunity online so it’s automated for you while you sleep:  Also there is an added bonus of a 7 day marketing boot camp training (for online and offline!) when you opt in to the link.

Also you don’t want to miss the FREE new presentation you can sign up as many times as you like to watch how he recruited 500 REPS in 7 Months!

Lastly if you still have any reservations check out the reason why you aren’t making your desired income and also the methods to create this income for yourself!

Take a look at the new sections and sign up for the FREE to the presentations and be in touch.  I will be in touch.

Peace and Love,


P.S. Don’t forget to like the Debt Annihilation Facebook Page for great tips and inspiration.

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Our little family of 5 have been able to significantly change our lives with our experiences with these programs we are using and we would like to share with the world these amazing value added products!

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