What Is Keeping You In Debt?

So you are in debt, whether it be for credit cards, student loans, house mortgage, credit line, etc…  If you owe anyone anything, you are indebted plus interest.  No matter why, where, or how you’ve come to this set of circumstances, it’s where you’re at.  Accept that.  Now it is time to stop getting yourself into MORE debt and look at what needs to change before you even attempt to attack your debt.

So, how did all the bills pile up?  Perhaps a job loss, expensive schooling, medical bills, or recovering from a poor housing market, business debt, etc.  But take a moment of how things were BEFORE ‘something happened’.  How was your lifestyle?  How were you spending?  Were you paying for brand names, buying brand new cars, eating out many times throughout the month?  Signed up for buying a very expensive and large home because you’ve started earning more money?

If you had good, minimal spending habits with savings before the ‘something happened’, then likely your back-up plan would’ve helped the situation you’re finding yourself in now.  What we are targeting here are your habits.  Debt is a habit.  According to Dave Ramsey, “Debt is so ingrained into our culture that most Americans can’t even envision a car without a payment… a house without a mortgage… a student without a loan… and credit without a card.  We’ve been sold debt with such repetition and with such fervor that most folks can’t conceive of what it would be like to have NO payments.”

And bad habits can be hard to kill.  But it CAN be done.  This may seem like a daunting task to most, but, if you want to GET OUT of debt, then you must first GET RID of bad habits.  Commit to it, or have you allowed yourself to envision bankruptcy filing?  And what do you think will happen once you file for bankruptcy?  Without eliminating bad habits, you will end up spending the same way and get into the same patterns once again.

Ever known any lottery winners?  How many actually still have the money they won or even GROWN this money?  Most have spent it all and gotten themselves into a WORSE situation than they were before ‘winning’.  They end up losing.  Winning the lottery is not the way.  Because these folks have gained more money, they’ve only spent more.  Whether you’ve come by a chunk of money or have gotten pay raises, when the majority of people start making more money, they also end up spending more.  You end up in this cycle of poor spending habits, deceived that the more you make must equal to the more you SHOULD have to SHOW that you are making more.  In the end, you are just paying for more expensive things and netting the same amount you’d take home as before, or less!

Taking responsibility for your actions is the best start, and THE WAY to kick debt out of the door to never return again.  Be responsible with the way you spend.  Start having good spending habits.

For instance, having a Starbucks habit.  If you’re buying one fancy Caramel Macchiato Grande Something Or Other With Low Fat Frothy Foam, on a daily basis, then your money is simply going down the drain while your bills are piling up high plus the interest.  Is it really worth it?  Discern what are TRUE necessities.  But for sure you can still have fun, just know that there is give and take and if you want to annihilate your debt, you need to get serious about it and live without excess.  It could be that you bring your coffee from home and take it along, and every one or two weeks enjoy a fancy cup of java.  You may even appreciate it more and not take it for granted with your hard-earned money.

As you start re-training your mind and adjusting to a simpler lifestyle, your eyes will open to a new way of thinking and being.  You will find more ways to cut back on all the stuff and become more creative.  For instance, you’ll become more creative with cooking instead of eating out a few times a week.  Even your health will get better with the less junk that you’re consuming.  The paid gym memberships that you’ve decided to cancel will mean you’ll do exercises the old-school way (skip rope, push-ups, crunches, jog around the neighbourhood, yoga at home using free YouTube vids) and all the while you can make these into a family activity without spending extra.   (To get more tips and strategies, sign up HERE.)

It can take time to think differently as you are building a new mindset.  The one way which has helped thousands in overcoming this first step is to get properly trained.  Would you give your car keys to a teenager if they’ve never learned the rules of the road, let alone drive on the road?  Yet many people do not have a good understanding of how to manage their money because they have not been trained up properly or invested in themselves in this area.  (Ever realized we have never had one class in finances from JK to Grade 12?)

So, you may or may not need additional help with managing your finances, and things are just going awesome, but many people are really struggling with debt and money, which greatly affects their marriages, families, relationships, career life, and business.  If you are in need of help, there is only one program that we would highly recommend that has been tested and proven to work for thousands of people.  It is simple to follow, fully guaranteed and once you do purchase this program (at half price!), you will be eligible to enroll in our specially created free support group (simply forward us your email receipt confirmation to rodney@debt-annihilation.com) where it is a safe place to get rid of debt shame and guilt, discuss things in-depth and work towards your goals, plus much, much more!

Start your life now!  Don’t delay in making a difference for yourself by getting first-hand training from THE TOP highly-sought after international Success Coach to annihilate your debt and secure your spot with us in our specialized support group.  Get War On Debt!


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