What is Traffic Monsoon?

So What Is Traffic Monsoon And How Can You Easily Make Money Online With It?


It is by far the easiest way to make money online for anyone!  Traffic Monsoon is a specialized advertising and revenue sharing company.  It “was established with a clear mission in mind: to provide high quality ad services for affordable prices, and share revenues for a perfect winning combination that will lead to the ultimate success of our customers.”


It is a very simple way for people to use their money in internet advertising and receive huge returns from compound on compound earnings with very reasonable and easy effort.


It is from the sales of all the advertising services where the revenues are shared.  They do not sell “shares”.  As of January 2016, the company sales are at the half billion dollar mark!


Of the 9 ad services that it provides, the revenue sharing ad service basically enables you to earn whatever amount you spend in advertising service (in increments of $50) and earn you approximately 10%, for around every 50-day cycle, from what we have found in our experience so far.  For every $50 you buy, you will receive $55.  This 10% is not for the year, the earnings are every cycle… For simplicity, this means every 2 months you could be earning 10%.  So in 12 months, you could receive 120% on your initial purchase of advertising!  And that is just the start, there is also compound earnings that you can achieve.  To learn more watch my video below!


Is this for real

Quite unbelievable isn’t it?  Why is that?  It is because we have been conditioned to get paid only by the hours we work for someone else and only in a job.  It feels secure and it is one source of income from one source of employment, and this is what people are accustomed to.


Investing in mutual funds, stocks and other commodities seem a little risky and volatile, nor do they provide much in high returns as a comparison.


This is nothing like foreign exchange as that is still very risky!


Success in the works

This is a much different business model that the masses do not know about yet; and there are similar traffic exchanges in the market but none that compares to Traffic Monsoon.  In over a year, there are now 3.7 million members worldwide!  Other companies haven’t been able to match this rate of growth.


Do you have a business to advertise?  Great, you will be part of the largest traffic exchange platform with over 750 million views so you can promote your business or opportunity at very affordable rates.


Perhaps you don’t have anything to advertise, that’s not a problem, as a member it’s not necessary as you can promote Traffic Monsoon itself.


There are:


NO  Sign-up fees – free to register!

NO  Monthly subscriptions of any sort

NO  Auto-ships

NO  Drop shipping

NO  Recruiting necessary to earn!


Yes, these are facts!  That’s what makes this the easiest way to earn online, ever.


This is not an investment opportunity.  Just make a purchase into advertising services and reap the revenue shares that the company provides from its sales of 9 services.


How to make easy money online and start earning right away:


1 – Sign up for free with the Continue button below to Register

2 – Make a purchase of $50 or more

3 – Watch 10 ads every day (this takes only 5 minutes)

4 – Watch your account grow to 10% of your initial purchase

5 – Withdraw and / or build it for massive growth strategically


The important thing is to start

People are putting in anywhere from $50 to even thousands of dollars which have really multiplied their efforts.


No matter how small or how large you start, any amount is a good beginning as it is always growing.


How fast you want it to grow will depend on what type of services you buy.


Update Jan 18:  Traffic Monsoon is currently moving away from PayPal because they are unable to keep up with the demand and their fees are actually not up to par with the vision of the company CEO.  They are creating their own bank to be headquartered in Dubai!  You will get your own MasterCard/debit card at no charge!  Most of the world who didn’t have access to get paid through PayPal will now have direct access to Traffic Monsoon’s own bank!  We are all very excited for this news, and all the top leaders like Immy Aslam and Sharon James have the utmost confidence in this transition.  They are affiliates like many of us and have grown their earnings to >$1M in their accounts!


YES  Traffic Monsoon is providing extensive advertising services to meet the demands of the market for high volume traffic for businesses

YES  Revenue sharing service for members to make money online

YES  There’s a 10% affiliate program

YES  9 different advertising services available

YES  Easy purchase and withdrawals

YES  Traffic Monsoon worldwide bank issuing MasterCard/debit card for easy transactions

YES  Experienced and forward-thinking owner spearheading the future of the company

YES  Traffic Monsoon will become #7 of the Top 10 global companies right after Amazon

YES  Top leaders have full trust in the vision of the company

YES  Financial growth and time freedom for you and your family


If you’ve read this far, here’s how you will benefit with us as your dedicated sponsor:


* With our personalized guidance we can walk you step-by-step on how to get started

* Show you how to calculate your earnings based on what you purchase

* Straight forward information without any hype by providing current company activities as we stay in the loop within the closed member groups

* Confidence and commitment to leverage the services of Traffic Monsoon and provide the strategy we are using for optimal financial growth (we have been able to double our initial funds in 60 days!)

NOTE: for now we are all using Traffic Hurricane until Traffic Monsoon wins the case against the corrupt SEC’s accusations.  We are almost there!  Motion to dismiss as already been filed to the judge and the honourable Judge Jill Parish is doing her due diligence to make sure the SEC can’t appeal.




Rodney Poon


Skype: coachrodneypoon

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