What Makes Super Affiliates Suck!



Do you know what is the biggest downside to buying from super affiliates?

Take this for example, would you rather buy from PetSmart, versus shopping at your local pet store that’s been around for many years before even PetSmart was on the market? Or even a Home Depot, versus your local hardware store?

What is the difference?

The big name companies are just that – they are big. Every business has a bottom line to worry about, but you don’t always know who’s behind them. For instance, these super stores have store associates that help you out when you’re looking for something, but the service is usually quick and done with so they can get on with whatever they were doing before they were “interrupted” by you. For most local businesses like mom & pop shops, you know the owner by name, and they’ve come to know you and even your shopping habits. They know your pets if you’re at their pet store.

There is a strong personal touch and a relationship building with the local business owners.

They are happy to see you and actually do care about serving you to meet their needs.

Heck, my wife spent almost 20 minutes with our local pet store owner asking about new dog food (local wholesome grain free dog food instead of imported) and Shirley, the owner, went through all the different types with her and what makes each a bit different. This local shop is even a bit farther than the PetSmart close to us.

On another occasion, she spent another 15 minutes with Shirley learning about different types of solutions for bad dog breath and what would be suitable according to our dogs’ habits.

I don’t know of anyone going to a place like PetSmart spending this much time learning and being helped by the owner, manager, or store associate.

You just don’t get that type of service at the big super stores. They just want customers to buy and get in and out, and not clients. Clients enjoy and appreciate the time spent, receiving superior service according to their needs, and they are there for the long run which helps the bottom line.

I’m not saying super affiliates are bad, but there is a huge downside to them. It’s awesome that most do give great value and information for free. They have amazing videos and training to teach you what you need. But after buying into an affiliate system with them, you are simply a customer and are left in the dark without any further guidance.

This is because most of them are so far out of reach, it’s nearly impossible to get their attention.

When they make so much money already, their time is so valuable that they would charge $1000/hr just to talk to them!

Wouldn’t you rather have some one-on-one help with someone who has been learning all the tricks and tips but just doesn’t have “all the fancy videos” to guide you?

I actually learned this from my friend and mentor because he is starting to get so far out of reach and his time is so valuable that most people can’t even relate to his level anymore.

If you’re looking to earn an income online and/or learn the best in network marketing why not learn from someone who has a depth of knowledge, has the time to show you how to get great results, yet still within one-on-one reach? I would, because I never had that!

So if that’s you, that’s great, as I look forward to helping you out. Simply click the banner below and then enter your email. You will get some great gifts and free training to help you and I’m always available to you.


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