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Here is a quick way to make money.  EBay research states the average home has $3000 worth of unused goods.  So sell your things instead of letting it collect dust day in and day out.  What you sell you can use to pay towards your debt and you can potentially be $3000 ahead!

Let’s start with getting that killer yard sale going!

Go through your home, room by room, closet by closet, and gather everything you don’t use, don’t need, and especially haven’t touched in the last 2 years.  There is literally tons of stuff you can sell.  Take a week-end to purge your things and get everyone at home to help out.  Wipe clean the dust and get them ready for your big sale.

Follow these tips and you will have an awesome, successful sale!

  1. Use Craigslist and Kijiji to sell stuff online, especially bigger ticket items (stay tuned on how to advertise on these free listing sites).  Also a great place to advertise your yard sale!
  2. Buy stickers from the dollar store to label prices for higher ticket items.  Remember, it’s a garage sale and people aren’t willing to pay close to full price even if it’s nearly brand new.
  3. Have a table of cheaper items listed $5 and under, and group them, i.e. $5, $2, $1, $.50, instead of individually pricing each small item.
  4. Start early!  Best sales are between 7-11am.
  5. Put things that are similar together.  Borrow tables to lay items out at a convenient level.  Hanging clothes would be best, instead of folded up.
  6. Have lots of small change on hand.  Price things with rounded numbers to give change easily.
  7. What’s your aim?  Do you want to get good money, or do you just want the stuff gone?  If you want to make good money, stick to your pricing and don’t be too easy to negotiate with.  If you want it gone, be willing to negotiate, be willing to group things, and price a bit lower.  Put a price tag of half to a third more than what you think you can get for it and if someone looks interested, but unsure say “hey, want to make a deal on that?” Stuff that you are less willing to just “get rid of”, put a reasonable price on it and stick to that price until at least the last hour and then negotiate.
  8. Keep a smiling face on all day – and be flexible, but don’t let yourself be pressured into giving up stuff for less than what you like.  Although any money for it is good when it’s just been taking up your space.
  9. Have a money apron on so that you have change right with you so that if you’re not at your central table, you can still make that deal right there.
  10. Stock up on grocery bags for a little while so that you have some to use, just a little thing that makes people like your sale, and tell them to their friends to drop by, especially if they’ve bought.
  11. Advertise!  Create consistent, brightly coloured signs (and add balloons) on your main roads can make a huge difference to lead them directly to your house.  Follow the trail yourself to make sure it’s dummy-proof.
  12. Ask your friends to sell their things too.  That way, there’s more stuff and more variety.  If it’s just a baby clothes sale, it’s not going to generate as much traffic as baby clothes, furniture, books, tools, knick knacks, etc.  Have your friends label items with their initials on it, then track it on a list (if they’re not there helping out), and divide it up at the end of the day.  Maybe you’ll get a meal for doing this!


  1. Sell food as well – baked goods for $.25 or $.50 etc., or offer a free goodie with any purchase over $5.00.  Label items containing nuts.  Add a lemonade stand especially if you have kids who can help out.
  2. Pricing strategy:  price to sell!  Price things fairly low and keep the prices until mid morning.  Allow bargaining, but not too much right away, because the sale is just getting started.  You really do not need to have a long sale either; 4-5 hours or so from 7am-12pm should do it, and advertise the hours.  Unless you can get in on a neighbourhood sale, then stay open longer.  It can help to say that everything will be half price during the last hour too, if you really want to move things (put up a big bright sign during the last hour).  Remind yourself that you do not want these things anymore and the point is to get rid of them, so be willing to take lower prices than you had originally intended.
  3. People love finding a great deal at yard sales, so make it like others will walk away from yours feeling like they scored a treasure too!
  4. Call it a Hoard Sale!  This is something we found that was so unique and think this will help you out and definitely get attention to your yard sale.  These particular folks started at 8am and 3.5 hours later, everything was gone!  They had bright pink signs reading ‘Awesome Crap This Way’, ‘Hoarders Paradise’, leading to their property.  Check it out:


“ Stand  out  from  the  100’s  of  others  going  on  that  day.  I did not advertise as a yard sale.  I advertised as a Hoard Sale because A) it’s way funnier and B) that’s what it was!  The ads from Craigslist were so awesome that people came from 2 hours away just to see what a Hoard Sale was.  Here is a sampling of the ads:

HUMONGO hoard sale this Saturday! (October 8).  According to my husband I am a freakin hoarder, and he is mad at me.  Which means that I have to get rid of a ton of my treasures to save my marriage.  Starts at 8 on the dot. No early birds, I will call the cops. Just kidding I won’t.  But really don’t come early.  This is a DIYers paradise! Need a dining room chair or 21?  Good cause we have those! See you there!  Also I like cookies if you want to bring me some.

There are only a few days until the Hoard sale on Saturday!!  Are you EXCITED!?!?  I am selling tons of amazing crap! 8 o’clock is when it opens. Only awesome people are invited.
The first annual Vintage Revivals Hoard Sale is tomorrow Saturday Oct 8.  The ribbon cutting ceremony starts at 8 am exactly.  99% of the sale is furniture and home decor!!  Follow the pink signs and balloons.  It’s going to be AMAZING!! This is like the Black Friday of yard sales people.

I mean SERIOUSLY.  Who wouldn’t want to go to a yard sale like that?! ”


Handy List For Your Killer Yard Sale:

Stickers for pricing (dollar store)

Markers/pens to write up prices and signs, or do it the high tech way

Bright signs (consistent colours) and tape

Balloons and string for tying

Tables, clothing rack and hangers

Couple of chairs

Money box, money apron/handy pack

Lots of small bills and coins for change

Pens and notepads for tracking sales, or prepare a sheet to write in beforehand (if you’re high tech, do it on your handy device)

Grocery bags

Baked goods, napkins

Lemonade, cups


Stay tuned for more Debt Annihilating Tips and even Income Increasing Programs,


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